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Why a Bed Bug Heat Treatment is Best

A bed bug infestation can be extremely difficult to eradicate. That’s because they easily hide into your belongings such as sheets, mattresses, blankets, clothing, carpentry etc. Not only that, they’re extremely prolific. A female bed bug can lay up to 5 eggs per day, with up to 500 eggs over its entire lifespan (which can extend up to 9 months, if living conditions are favorable).

Most people know that a good measure to eliminate a bed bug infestation, is to get rid of the furniture and objects in which the insects hide. Although this is not a bad idea, in most cases they can still persist, as they remain hidden inside the walls, flooring and other parts of the house.

It has been shown that these insects from the cimicid family can develop a resistance to commonly used insecticides. For example, in the 1940s and 1950s, DDT was one of the most common insecticides, largely used for bed bugs and other insect infestations. But by the early 1960s, bed bugs had already became resistant to it and even to pyrethroids, the next class of chemicals used for their control. On top of all this, it’s known that most pesticides come with several disadvantages. Some emanate an unpleasant odor, and of course, some are toxic up to a certain degree.

The best solution to get rid of a bed bug infestation is heat treatment. It has been proven that most cimicids, along with their eggs, cannot survive temperatures close to 140°F (60°C). Also, heat treatment doesn’t require to “burn your stuff” and is fast and very effective.

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